Fiber Optic Installation Cable OM4, 8-Core, SC/PC-SC/PC with Protection and Pulling-Eyes

High Quality-Fiber Optic Installation Cable OM3 Multi-Mode, Breakout with 8-Cores, 8x SC/PC to SC/PC
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  • Currently in re-order

25m, black
25m, black
× 165,00 € *
Currently in re-order
50m, black
50m, black
× 275,00 € *
Currently in re-order
High-quality SC-SC OM4 multi-mode breakout installation cable for indoor (inside buildings). Multi-purpose cable with eight cores in colored tubes with aramid yarn tightening. Black protection jacket with stable metal-reinforced pulling aid on both ends.

LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen
These cables respectively the jackets are characterized by producing just low smoke in case of fire and do not produce a dangerous gas-acid-combination or toxic smoke when exposed to flame. These aspects accordingly do include a better environmental compatibility.

Fiber Type: Multi-mode 50µm OM4
Number of Cores: 8 Cores
Connector Type: SC/PC
Attenuation: 850nm:
Type: Breakout Cable
Color: Black
Cable Diameter: 10.5mm +/- 0.5mm
Diameter of Pulling Aid: 53mm +/- 3mm
Min. Bending Radius of Cable: 220mm while pulled, 110mm when laid
Max. Pulling Force: 250N / 25kg
Weight: depends on length, approx. 9.1kg/100m
Min. Bending Radius of Pulling Aid: 330mm while pulling
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