SFP to SFP 100Mbit/s up to 4G Media Converter Slide-in Card

This 100M-4G SFP to SFP media converter slide-in card provides the whole flexibility for conversion between Multi-Mode, Single-Mode or CWDM/DWDM lambdas.
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This slide-in card provides functionality as fiber-to-fiber 125Mbps up to 4.25Gbps fiber mode converter and  can be used for 850nm / 1310nm /1550nm/CWDM/DWDM Optical Wavelength Conversion. It supports easy installation, hot-plug functionality and auto-MDI/MDIX.

This system with its 3R function provides a very stable data transmission and so can be also used as 3R fiber repeater for long distance transmission.

Further advantages are the transparent transmission with very low delay and the support of Jumbo frames, Loopback and Link tests. Especially this card provides a PRBS31 Pattern Generator and Checker to precisely locating the failure.

The converter front panel offers a status LED display.
Network management options via SNMP, Web, Console and Telnet are available (via Converter Chassis with management card). In-band management for a remotely connected converter card is also provided. The management function also supports the DMI function (Diagnostic Monitoring interface) of the SFP fiber modules.

This converter is also available as a (remotely-manageable) stand-alone box.

Supported Protocols

  • Fast Ethernet 
  • SONET OC-3, STS-3/STM-1
  • ESCON/SBCON, OC-12, STS-12/STM-4
  • 1G Fiber Channel
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2G Fiber Channel STS-48/STM-16
  • 2.5 Infini Band
  • 4G Fibre Channel

Connector 1: SFP Slot
Connector 2: SFP Slot
Type: Fiber Converter
Data Rate: 100Mbps to 4Gbps
Stock Temperature: -40 ~ 70 °C
Working Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C
Size: W 112.8 x D 77.2 x H 23 mm
Weight: 0,08 kg
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