OTDR SM with Power-Meter, Visual Fault Locator, Light Source

Advanced OTDR Single-mode mit Power-Meter, Visual Fault Locator and Laser Source
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This Advanced OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) device combines different features in one device. It is equipped with a 7 Inch colour touch screen which allows easy operation. Additionally it can record up to 80000 measurements and can transmit them via USB port to a computer.

The OTDR is suitable for measurements at extisting singlemode fiber optic lines, e.g. to locate faults and to determine technical values. The data optained provide an insight into the condition of the optical fiber and the passive optical elements, such as connectors, splices and multiplexers. Thus, attenuation values or also the fiber length (up to 160km) as well as the distance to a source of error can be determined. This is indicated via a curve display giving also additional detailed information.

 The Visaul Fault Locator is used to locate faults on already installed fiber optic cables. A break or fault in the fiber will refract the light and leads it outwards, so that a clearly visible red light spot will mark the faulty area. The universal connection can be used for the common fiber optic connectors ST / SC / FC. The output signal (650nm) can either be operated as continuous light or pulse mode of  2Hz. The test can be carried out both on singlemode and multimode fibers.

The use as Light Source is also possible, providing the wavelengths 1310nm and 1550nm for data simulation.

The device can also be used as Power Meter.  The following wavelengths settings are available: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm. Both attenuation values in dB as well as power values in mW are shown on the colour display.
For other connector types, such as LC/PC, our Hybrid-Adapter can be used (e.g. SC male to LC female), listetd it the bottom.

Technical Data

  • robust device
  • 7 inch colour display with touch function (17,78cm)
  • possibilty of recording up to 80000 measurement results
  • testing of singlemode cables
  • universal connection for ST, SC, FC
  • operation with integrated lithium rechargeable battery

  • OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
    • wavelengths 1310nm/1550nm (singlemode)
    • measuring range 37dB / 35dB
    • measuring distance 0 - 160km

  • Visual Fault Locator
    • wavelength 650nm
    • continuous light, pulse mode or 2Hz

  • Light Source
    • adjustable wavelengths 1310nm, 1550nm (singlemode)
    • transmission power -5dB

  • Power Meter
    • adjustable wavelengths 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
    • measuring range -70dBm ~ +10dBm respectively -50dBm ~ +26dBm
    • display of  power value in dBm and mW

Delivery incl. softcase with carrying strap, charger, various adapters and software


Specification for OTDR SM
Fiber Type: Singlemode
Connector Type: 2,5mm Universal
Color: blue / beige
Power Supply: 7,4V/6600mAh Lithium-Battery
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Size: L 230mm x W 185mm x H 70mm
Weight: 1500gr