Here you can find GBIC modules...

GBIC Modules

Here you can find a broad range of optical GBIC transceiver modules, ordered by type and function.

Here you can find GBIC modules (Gigabit Interface Converter modules) for multi-mode as well als single-mode fiber-optics, and even Copper Ethernet (1000Base-T). We offer you multi-mode modules for 850nm, our single-mode transceiver ranges covers modules for 1310nm, 1550nm, BiDi and CWDM.

GBIC Single-Mode

GBIC modules for use with single-mode cabling

This category contains 1Gbps GBIC modules with various...

GBIC Multi-Mode

GBIC modules for use with multi-mode cabling

Diese Kategorie enthält 1Gbps GBIC-Module in verschiedenen...