SFP+ DAC (Direct Attach Cable) and...

SFP+ DAC & AOC Cables

In this category you will find a selection of passive and active SFP+ DAC (direct Attached Cable) cables and SFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable) Kabeln.

SFP+ DAC (Direct Attach Cable) and SFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable) are two SFP+ modules which are directly connected with a copper (DAC) or optical (AOC) cable without a separate connector. They support data rates of 1 Gb/s to 10 Gb/s.

We offer DAC and AOC cables in various versions and lengths and compatible to a range of hardware vendors. If you cannot find your required cable type please contact us; we will probably able to obtain the requested cable for you.

SFP+ DAC Cable passive

SFP+ DAC copper cables (Direct Attached Copper Cable), Twinax, passive 10Gb/s

Description SFP+ copper DACs (Direct Attach Cable) consists of...

SFP+ AOC Cable active

Optical SFP+ AOC cables (Active Optical Cable), active 10Gb/s

Description SFP+ AOC (Active optical Cable) Cable types consists...