CWDM Mux/Demux Slide-in Card with 4 or 8 wavelengths

Optical CWDM Multiplexer with 4 or 8 Channels for Installation in the modular 19" System


This multiplexer/demultiplexer device cards concentrates up to 4 independent data channels for transmission over a duplex fiber optic line.

The data connections are transported over a number of CWDM wavelengths. The CWDM wavelengths are generated and injeced by transceiver modules (e.g. SFP or XFP modules) that are installed in the connected end devices or in an intermediary converter.

Thr MUX / DEMUX-Cards are therefore fully transparent for any protocols or data rates.

The devices contains an extension port. Later on, with further multiplexers with other wavelengths can be connected here. Other models on request.


  • Excellent Environment Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Supporting hot plug

Supported Protocols

  • SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64
  • 10G WAN
  • 10G LAN
  • ONT OUT-2 (G.709)
  • 10G LAN with 255/237 FEC coding
  • 10G Fibre Channel
  • 10G POS

  Technical Properties
Connector Type LC/PC - Simplex
Channel Insertion Loss 1.5dB max. (4K), 2.5dB max. (8K)
Channel-to-Channel Isol. > 30dB
Channel Spacing 20nm
Data Rate up to 16Gbps
Operation temperature range -20 ~ 75 °C
Storage temperature range -40 ~ 85 °C
Dimension L 156 x B 128 x H 32 mm
Weight 0.316 kg
The different wavelengths are transmitted in each case via one fiber in the simplex mode.
  Order Code and Variant Lead Time     Single Price  
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-04-27-MXDX-10G  4 Channel, 1271nm up to 1331 nm   3 weeks 3 weeks 149,00 €  pcs.
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-04-35-MXDX-10G  4 Channel, 1351nm up to 1541nm   in stock in stock 149,00 €  pcs.
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-04-47-MXDX-10G  4 Channel, 1471nm up to 1531nm   3 weeks 3 weeks 149,00 €  pcs.
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-04-55-MXDX-10G  4 Channel, 1551nm up to 1611nm   3 weeks 3 weeks 149,00 €  pcs.
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-08-27-MXDX-10G  8 Channel, 1271nm up to 1451nm   in stock in stock 239,00 €  pcs.
FOMD-CC-CWDM-DF-08-47-MXDX-10G  8 Channel, 1471nm up to 1611nm   3 weeks 3 weeks 239,00 €  pcs.
 In stock      Only few pcs.Few in stock      In repeat-order process
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