AOC-S-S-10G Compat. SFP+ AOC Active optical Cable

Arista compatible SFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable), up to 10Gb/s

100% Compatible with Arista AOC-S-S-10G


SFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable) consists of two SFP+ modules which are directly connected with a fiber optical cable without a separate connector.
Due to the direct connection the data transmission loss is minimised and a better isolation from external influences is accomplished.


  • Data rates backward compatible to 1Gb/s
  • Used fiber: up to 50m OM2, more than 50m OM3
  • Low power consumtion <0.2 W
  • Operating temperature range (0°C to +70°C)
  • RoHS - conform


  • 10Gb/s Ethernet

  • Our Arista AOC-S-S-10G OEM compatible transceiver modules are 100% vendor-compatible high-quality parts. We provide a 3-year warranty for them.
      Technical Properties
    Fiber Type Multi-mode 50µm
    Connector 1 SFP+
    Connector 2 SFP+
    Type Active Optical Cable
    Wavelength 850nm
    Data Rate 10 Gb/s
    OEM Compatible with Arista  AOC-S-S-10G
    Weight depends on length, approx. 80 - 500 g
    If you need different compatibilities for the two transceivers, please inform us
    Please note that transceiver modules for Arista products may be compatible only to a subset of networking devices of this vendor.
    Please consult the manual of your equipment regarding transceiver compatibility information.
      Order Code and Variant Lead Time     Single Price  
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-1M  orange, 1m   in stock in stock 42,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-2M  orange, 2m   14 days 14 days 43,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-3M  orange, 3m   14 days 14 days 44,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-5M  orange, 5m   in stock in stock 46,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-10M  orange, 10m   in stock in stock 51,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-20M  orange, 20m   14 days 14 days 61,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-30M  orange, 30m   in stock in stock 71,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-50M  aqua, 50m   14 days 14 days 91,00 €  pcs.
    F24-AR-AOC-S-S-10G-100M  aqua, 100m   14 days 14 days 141,00 €  pcs.
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