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We have a wide range of different fiber optic cables for professionals working in the EDP- and IT-sector. All items are of high availability and are charactarised by fast delivery, so if you order before 4 pm we can deliver the same day.

When you buy your fiber optic cables from us, you will benefit from the high quality and the good price-performance ratio. In addition, our fiber optic shop is clearly structured and impresses with its easy order processing.

Here you will find everything you need for your daily requirements as a network operator, electrician or fiber optic installer. Also look out for our convincing range of patch cables and transceivers, especially the new 400G transceivers.

You can buy more than just fiber optic cables from us

To perfectly fuflfill your requirements in the fiber optic cable sector, we also offer tools for installation or cleaning as well as other suitable accessories.

Amongst others we have the following items in our range of goods:

  • DIN rail equipment
  • cable management
  • Small parts and accessories
  • LWL MTP/MPO equipment
  • LWL measurement technology
  • LWL patch cables
  • LWL pigtails
  • LWL installation cables
  • Fibre optic tools & cleaning equipment
  • Network devices
  • Optical multiplexers
  • Optical PLC Splitters
  • Transceiver modules

In addition, you will always find special offers and individual items in our bargain area.

Buying fiber optic cables - purpose and features

Probalby you will buy fiber optic cables to establish fast data connections over long distances.

To underline the quality and functionality, you will also receive measurement protocols when you buy fiber optic cables. This allows you to create reliable connections within a fiber optic network.

Although copper cables are often used for these connections, it is safer to buy fiber optic cables because they are less sensitive to external influences. Whereas copper cables on the contrary need to be protected by additional shielding.

Buying fiber optic cables - singlemode or multimode

From us you can buy both types of fiber optic cables - singlemode and multimode:

  • Singlemode fiber optic cables only have a small fiber optic core. Therefore they are preferably used for long distances from approx. 550m upwards. The fiber type used here is OS2. OS2 mainly for the higher power ranges.
  • Multimode fiber optic cables have a larger fiber core and a higher light dispersion, therefore they can only be used for short distances below 550m due to signal degradation. There is a choice of 5 fiber types OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5. However, the latter are only standardised in the USA, so OM4 is mainly used in Germany. However, Fiber24 also supplies OM5 for use in germany.

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We have been successfully serving our customers since 2008 and deliver quality products from Hamburg to destinations all over Europe. (Shipping costs depend on the weight of the goods and the shipping region). As a bulk orderer, you can benefit from our quantity discounts!

In addition to our friendly service team, there is also a reference book (glossary) available online.  There you will find the most important information about glass fibre or similar technical terms.

With more than 40 years of experience, you can rely on our expertise whenever you have questions or need advice. We also support you with the disposal of the electrical or electronic items we supply. You can simply send them back to us.

So why not check already today which fiber optic cables you would like to buy and feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries!

Frequently asked questions

Two points in particular should be emphasised here: the bending radius and the installation depth. The bending radius results from the cable diameter (without tensile load). When laying the cable, make sure that it is only about 10 times the cable diameter. When laying the cable, it should be buried at a depth of at least 60 cm in the conduit in order to protect the cable well from the weather.

Singlemode fiber optic cables are particularly suitable for data/signal transmission over longer distances. This means that data can even be transmitted over 100 km without any problems. Therefore, singlemode fiber optic cable is ideal for setting up Wide Area Network (WAN) applications.

Unlike single mode fiber optic cables, multimode fibres are ideal for bridging short distances and implementing facilities within a company or on a company premises. They are used in LAN environments where a lot of data needs to be transmitted over short distances. They are ideal for database or NAS applications.