Modular 19-inch System

19 inch installation chassis for up to 16 Media Converters, 2U

The chassis of this modular system accommodates up to 16 media converter slide-in cards and is expandable to totally 4 Chassis which are all manageable. The converter cards are available as copper-to-fiber converters or as pure fiber converters and allow data rates for up to 40Gbps. Depending on their application they contain either SFP, SFP+, QSFP+ module slots.

The chassis is equipped with either AC or DC power supply, but can optionally equipped with a redundant power supply.


  • The inserted 10/100Mbps management card provides a continual monitoring and configuration of all installed chassis respectively converter cards via Console, Browser, SNMP or Telnet. This means it is possible to manage also 3 additional chassis connected to the cascading port (installed cascading card instead of the management card) and furthermore also all associated remote converters.
  • It is possible to set up and display the complete system information, including the name of the chassis, the location information and information concerning the IP addresses as well as different versions of the hard- and software.
  • The management card provides a remote alert system announcing failures such as power losses, differentiating axactly the occuring failures. Also LFP (Link Fault Pass-Through) is supported for a quick location of failures and their immediate removel.
  • It is possible to reset the system or single converter modules by using the management-software. The configurations of all modules will be saved immediately in case of a power failure or power cut.
  • Each port can be monitored or modified locally respectively remote, such as the link status, the speed, half/full duplex, locked ports, LFP and so on.
  • Loopback is supported and - depending on the converter card - also PRBS in order to localize failures exactly. So with this, simple link tests are also possible.

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