Multimode cable for your local network

We offer multimode cables that are perfect for short-distance connections. Multimode cables are mainly used successfully in local area networks (LAN) while you should use our singlemode cables for setting up wide area networks.

Multimode cables are available in different versions (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5) with different data rates - perfect for your in-house cabling! Due to the particularly high demand for multimode duplex OM4, we offer you a large selection in this segment, which we are constantly expanding!

Differences between multimode cable and singlemode cable

To ensure that you select the right cable for your intended application, you should be aware of the differences in performance and characteristics between the two types of cable.


  • Singlemode cables (OS2) Singlemode cables have a glass core diameter of only 9 µm
  • Multimode cablesMultimode cables have a more generous diameter: OM1: 62,5µm; OM2 bis OM5: 50 µm

Data Transfer:

The data transmission differs depending on the range and attenuation, with the smaller core of the OS2 cable leading to lower attenuation losses. This is why the OM multimode cable, which tends to generate noise at greater distances, is only used for connections over short distances.

Distances and area of use:

  • Multimode cables (OM): from 100 to 1000 m, mainly for building cabling
  • Singlemode cable (OS): up to 120 km without aids, therefore ideal for connecting different company locations or connecting the company to a data center.