This technology, based on a...

Optical MTP/MPO Equipment

Flexible parallel-optical patch cords and installation cables with MTP/MPO connectors, as trunk or as fan-out and suitable adaptors.

This technology, based on a multi-mode fiber-optical cabling infrastructure, offers the opportunity to establish high performance data networks because of its minimum insertion loss and maximum return loss.
With the MPO (Multi Fiber Push-On) / MTP (Mechanical Transfer Push-On) multi-core connector is possible at this time a data rate up to 100Gbit/s over a distance of up to 150m (OM4) or 100m (OM3).

Because of the high core density of this loose tube cable with 4 up to 72 core a significant less volume is needed, which not only saves space. It also gives better conditions for air conditioning and lower potential thermal load.

The MTP/MPO trunk cables and fanout cables from 8 to 12 fibres offered here, you will receive in the premium Elite version with a maximum insertion loss of 0.35 dB.

All offered MPO/MTP® connectors are original parts of the manufacturer US Conec.

MTP/MPO Trunk Cables

The offered MTP/MPO Trunk-cables are available in the versions OM3 and OM4, whereby a max. transfer rate of 40Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s can be achieved over a distance of up to 100m oder 150m (OM4).
The pre-fabricated trunk cables (patch cables) with MTP female connector are suitable to be used for 850nm 40G QSFP+ Modules. Due to the plug and play principle these cables are offering a comfortable installation. Because of the excellent workmanship they are completely protected against environmental influences.

MTP/MPO Fan-out Cables

Our OM3 and OM4 MTP/MPO Fan-out Cables (harness cables) are equipped with an MTP connector on one end and with simplex or duplex LC/PC connectors on the other end. This results in the possibility to split the signal to multiple devices / switches or ports.

MTP/MPO Installation Cables

Our MTP/MPO installation cables are designed as loose-tube cables. In this type of cable, the fiber-reinforced cores are located in a water-repellent gel to rule out environmental influences. In addition they have a rodent protection, so they can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor installation.
The cables are available in the variants multimode OM3 and OM4 as Trunk Cables or Fan-out Cables.

These installation cables also have cable protections and pulling grips at both ends.
From a length of 100 meters, the fiber optic outdoor cables will be supplied on a drum.

MTP/MPO Adaptors

With these adapters you can make connections between the different MTP cables/connectors.
Here they are offered in two different plug systems: connector type key-up to key-up and key-down to key-down.

MTP/MPO Trunk Cables

High Quality Fiber-Optical MTP/MPO Trunk-Cables Multi-Mode OM3 and OM4, for Data rates of 10Gbps up to 100Gbps

The offered MTP/MPO Trunk Cables are available here as OM3 and...

MTP/MPO Fan-Out Cables

High Quality Fiber-Optical MTP/MPO Fanout-Cables Multi-Mode OM3 and OM4, for Data rates of 10Gbps up to 40Gbps

Our MTP/MPO Fan-out Cables (harness cables), offered as OM3 and...

MTP/MPO Installation Cables

High Quality MTP/MPO loose-tube cables multi-mode OM3 and OM4 for indoor and oudoor installation.

The offered MTP/MPO installation cables are designed as...

MTP/MPO Adaptors

MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Couplers are used to convert between connector types.

With these adapters you can make connections between the...