Optical Installation Cables

In this category, we offer you pre-assembled fiber optic indoor and outdoor installation cable with LC/PC or SC/PC connectors.

Fiber optic interior installation cable

Our fiber optic indoor cables are designed as breakout cable. This means that each core has its own continuous colored coat. The entire installation cable also has another black mantle.

Interior installation cable with cable guard and pulling grips at both ends of the cable guard, each consist of a stable and tear-resistant nylon fabric and a plastic foil inside, covering the prefabricated cable ends. Through a fixed loop at the end of the fabric drawing aid is formed. The advantage of this design is the increased flexibility and the decrease of required bend radius when pulled through the cable tray.

Fiber optic outdoor installation cables

The offered outdoor cables are designed as loose-tube cables. In this type of cable, the fiber-reinforced cores are located in a water-repellent gel to rule out environmental influences. In addition, the outdoor cables have a rodent protection.

The fiber optic outdoor cables also have cable protection and pulling grips at both ends.
From a length of 100 meters, the fiber optic outdoor cables will be supplied on a drum.

Available fiber optic types

Our interior installation cables as well as the outdoor installation cables are available with various fiber optic types, each suitable for a specific application. These are the available fiber optical types:
Fiber Optical Cabling Type Suitable for
Single-mode 9µmOS2: Single-mode fiber 9µm for long-distance connection 1 Gbps up to 200km, 10 Gbps 100km, 100 Gbps 40km
Multi-mode OM2 50µmOM2: Classic 50µm multi-mode-fiber for inhouse cabling  1 Gbps up to 550m, or 10 Gbps up to 82m
Multi-mode OM3 50µmOM3: Special 50µm multi-mode fiber for 10Gbps 1 Gbps up to 1000m, or 10 Gbps up to 300m
Multi-mode OM4 50µmOM4: Optimized 50µm multi-mode fiber f. 10Gbps - 100Gbps  10 Gbps up to 550m, or 100 Gbps up to 125m

Plase find your suitable fiber optic type below in the indoor/outdoor section.