MTP/MPO Installation Cables

The offered MTP/MPO installation cables are designed as loose-tube cables. In this type of cable, the fiber-reinforced cores are located in a water-repellent gel to rule out environmental influences. In addition these cables have a rodent protection so they can be used for indoor and also outdoor installation. As outdoor cable it can be used for aerial installation as well as for laying in a tube above- or underground or directly in the ground.

The cables are available from us in the variants multimode OM3 and OM4 as well as singlemode OS2.
On both sides with an MTP connector (12 cores, male or female) or on the other side optional with 4x LC/PC duplex or 12x LC/PC simplex connectors.

The MTP/MPO installation cables also have cable protection and pulling grips at both ends.

From a length of 100 meters these cables will be supplied on a drum.