This category contains various patch...

Cable Management

Patch panels for 19" and wall boxes, fiber optic pigtails and other passive components for construction of a structured cabling systems.

This category contains various patch panels that can be optionally equipped with different adapters. You can also find prefabricated models here, which simplify the installation considerably and thus save costs.

In addition, we offer here correspondingly further accessories, which serve, for example, the cable routing in data cabinets. You can also find various wall boxes and FTTH connection boxes here, as well as the associated adapters for any extensions.


In this category you will find different types of 19 inch patchpanel / splice boxes

The Patchpanels offered here, are for the application in 19 inch...


Here you will find different related components for our LGX® compatible patch panel system.

This patchpanel system is a very flexible and time-saving system....

Patch Panel Accessories

In this category you will find the appropriate accessories for our patchpanels

These accessories like cable guides, dust cover, splice trays or...

Fiber Optic Wall Boxes

This category contains different wall boxes for indoor and outdoor use

Here you will find a selection of small and bigger wall boxes for...