Converter Cards 19i System

In this category you will find different Media Converter Slide-in cards for our Modular 19-inch system with data rates from 100Mbit/s up to 40Gbit/s. These converter cards are available as different variants like copper to fiber or purely fiber converter.

Every single converter card can be managed via SNMP, Web, Console or Telnet. Furthermore all Remote-Converter (stand-alone) which you can find also in our portfolio are manageable too. The management function also supports the DMI function (Diagnostic Monitoring Interface) of the SFP fiber modules.

Please take into consideration that each insertion converter card from 8G (or more) will be sent with an additional fan card to be cooled to hold the operation temperature. So for applications of 8G (or more) you need two slots in the chassis: One for the insertion card and one for the additional fan card.

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