Transceiver Modules

Here you can find SFP, GBIC and all other types of modules for multi-mode as well als single-mode fiber-optics, and even Copper Ethernet (1000Base-T). We offer you multi-mode modules for 850nm, our single-mode transceiver ranges covers modules for 1310nm, 1550nm, BiDi and CWDM.

The various transceiver module types were not standardized by an international standardization organisation, but are each based on an agreement by a committee of hardware vendors (Multi-Source-Agreement, MSA). You have to choose the required transceiver module type based on the transceiver module slot of your hardware installation.

Here is an overview of the various transceiver module types we offer:
Type Connector Data Rate Specification

SFP LC Connector 100Mbit/s - 4.25Gbit/s SFP MSA Yes Available SFP Modules
SFP+ LC Connector 8.5Gbit/s - 10.3Gbit/s SFP+ MSA Yes Available SFP+ Modules
QSFP LC/MPO Connector 40Gbit/s - 400Gbit/s QSFP+ MSA Yes Available QSFP+ Modules
XFP LC Connector 8.5Gbit/s - 10.3Gbit/s XFP MSA Yes Available XFP Modules
X2 SC Connector 10Gbit/s X2 MSA Yes Available X2 Modules
XENPAK SC Connector 10Gbit/s XENPAK MSA Yes Available XENPAK Modules
GBIC SC Connector 1Gbit/s GBIC MSA Yes Available GBIC Modules

In the category "Compatible Transceivers" you can find also a broad range of suitable transceiver modules for many important OEM vendors. These modules come from third-party vendors, but are generally 100% compatible to their respective original parts.

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