Finisar FCBG110SD1CXX SFP+ AOC Active Optical Cable

Finisar 10Gb/s SFPwire® SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC)


These SFP+ Active Optical Cable types from Finisar consists of two SFP+ modules which are directly connected with a fibre optic cable (SFPwire®) without a separate plug connection.
Because of the use of an optical cable instead of copper cable, they can be used for distances of up to 20m without disruptive influences of external electrical factors.


These AOC cables are compatible to the following networking products/brands:
Arista, D-Link, EMC (VNX Series Unified Storage Systems),
Enterasys, Extreme, IBM (Blade Networks), Lancom, LevelOne, Voltair,
Zyxel. And to PC- and server cards of Dell, Emulex, IBM, Intel, Q-Logic


FCBG110SD1Cxx SFPwire Product Specification RevB.pdf

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Connector 1: SFP+
Connector 2: SFP+
Data Rate: 10Gb/s
Weight: depends on length
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