Brocade 100G-Q28-Q28-C-0x01 compatible QSFP28 DAC cable passive

  • SKU: F24-BR-100G-Q28-Q28-C-0X01
  • Fiber24 F24-BR-100G-Q28-Q28-C-0X01
  • Compatible with: Brocade 100G-Q28-Q28-C-0x01
  • Category: Brocade compatible DAC & AOC
Brocade QSFP28 DAC copper cables (Direct Attached Copper Cable), Twinax, passive 100Gb/s


QSFP28 copper DACs (Direct Attach Cable) consists of two QSFP28 modules which are directly connected with a twinax copper cable.

However it is to be noted that an application/installation with more than one copper DAC and electrical devices in narrow space is not recommended, because of disruptive influences of external electrical factors.


  • Works with up to 28 Gbps per Channel
  • Available in length up to 5 meters
  • Comply with QSFP28 MSA specifications
  • Extended case temperature range (-10°C to +70°C)
  • RoHS - conform


  • 100 Gb/s Ethernet
Please note that transceiver modules for Brocade products may be compatible only to a subset of networking devices of this vendor.
Please consult the manual of your equipment regarding transceiver compatibility information.
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Fiber Type: Twinax Copper
Connector 1: QSFP28
Connector 2: QSFP28
Data Rate: 100 Gbit/s
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