Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM2 Multi-mode 50/125µm, Duplex, MTRJ/PC-MTRJ/PC

High Quality Fiber Optic Patch Cable Multi-Mode 50/125µm, Duplex, MT-RJ/PC to MT-RJ/PC
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High-quality MTRJ multi-mode duplex fiber-optic patch cable.
We deliver each patch cord separately packed and accompanied by its optical quality measurement report.
Fiber Type: Multi-mode 50µm OM2
Fiber Count: Duplex
Connector 1: MT-RJ/PC
Connector 2: MT-RJ/PC
Type: Zipcord 2mm
Color: Orange
Min. Bending Radius of Cable: 30mm
Working Temperature: -30°C to 80°C
Quality: LSZH (halogen free)
Weight: depends on length, approx. 35 - 790 g