Fan-Out Cable OM4 12-Core MTP(Male) to 12x Simplex LC/PC

High Quality MTP®/MPO Fiber-Optical Fanout Cables OM4 Multi-Mode 50/125µm, 12 Cores, MTP male to 12x LC/PC simplex
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Our OM4 MTP/MPO Fan-out Cables (harness cables) are equipped with a MTP male connector on one end and with 12x LC/PC simplex on the other end. This allows to split up the 10Gbps signals on several devices or ports. The whip length of the 12 simplex cores is 1m. But for 1m cable it is 0.5m.

These MTP/MPO fanout cables offered here, you will receive in the premium Elite version with a maximum insertion loss of 0.35 dB.

All offered MPO/MTP® connectors are original parts of the manufacturer US Conec.

Fiber Type: Multi-mode 50µm OM4
Fiber Count: 12 cores
Connector 1: MTP/MPO Male
Connector 2: 12x LC/PC simplex
Color: Purple
Stock Temperature: -40 to +80°C
Working Temperature: -40 to +80°C
Quality: LSZH (halogen free)
Weight: depends on length, approx. 93 - 1200 g
Hinweistext: If you need this cable in a another version, please feel free to contact us.