CWDM 8-Channel Multiplexer

Optical CWDM Multiplexer with 8 Channels for Installation in 19" Rack
CWDM Channels 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591, 1611nm, plus Extension Port
This multiplexer device concentrates up to 8 independent data channels for transmission over a duplex fiber optic line.

The data connections are transported over a number of CWDM wavelengths. The CWDM wavelengths are generated and injeced by transceiver modules (e.g. SFP or XFP modules) that are installed in the connected end devices or in an intermediary converter.

This is a purely passive device without any electronic components or power supply. It is therefore fully transparent for any protocols or data rates.

The devices contains an extension port. Later on, a suitable extension multiplexer with additional 8 channels (1271nm - 1451nm) can be connected here, to extend the capacity to 16 CWDM channels when needed.

Its fully passive optical technology makes it suitable for an environment-friendly, robust and maintenance-free backbone architecture.


CWDM Channels
8x Duplex LC Connector, Channel Separation 20 nm
Supports ITU-T G.694.2.
Extension Port
Optional Cascading Port for an additional FOCW (8 more Channels)
Duplex LC Connector
CWDM Network Port
Duplex LC Connector
Temperature 0-60°C, Humidity max. 90%
Non Condensing

CWDM transceiver modules for the end devices are not included!
Please order suitable CWDM SFP or XFP modules separately.
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Fiber Type: Single-mode 9µm
Fiber Count: Dual-Fiber
Connector Type: Duplex LC
Extemsion Port Insertion Loss: max. 1.0dB
Channel Insertion Loss: max. 3.0dB
Channel-to-Channel Isolation: min. 30dB
Channel Wavelength: 1471nm - 1611nm
Channel Spacing: ITU-T G.694.2 20nm
Channel Throughput: +/- 6.5nm
Data Rate: up to 100Gbps per Channel
Size: 19" 1HU, Depth 200mm, for installation in 19" rack
990,00 €
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