TheFibers HUXScope-UE Fiber Microscope with USB-Connector for front surfaces of fiber optic cables

TheFibers Handheld microscope with USB-connector for the inspection of the connector surface of a fiber-optic cable, for single-mode and multi-mode
This microscope is useful for detecting small details of scratches and contamination at the head of a fiber optic cable. It facilitates examining the surface with an optical magnification of 260x to 400x on a PC-monitor. Using the adjustable ocular the view can be focussed exactly to the surface to be examined.

Carrying out this inspection and cleaning the fiber optic's surface ist recommended before every new connection is done. Power supply over USB 2.0 connector.

In addition to examining the surface of fiber optic cables in the lab, this handy and portable device allows also inspection of connectors of devices or patch panels that are already installed in place.

Eye Safety / Laser Safety

This microsope is equipped with a CCD sensor which records the view of the fiber surface and displays it on connected PC-monitor. This way, accidentally looking into the illuminated fiber is made impossible.

Delivery Contents

  • Microscope Handset
  • Software for Windows XP, 7 and 8
  • Tip for SC/PC, FC/PC and E2000/PC female/connector jack
  • Tip for LC/PC female/connector jack
  • User Manual


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Fiber Type: Single-mode or Multi-mode
Color: Black
Power Supply: via USB 2.0 Connector
Size: Handset 185 x 24 mm
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